Our team works very hard in creating trips, special events and various tools for you to increase universal and cultural awareness through meeting people, getting involved in local communities, learning the history, and understanding the differences and similarities across all our lives.

We believe in inspiring world change through unique cultural experiences. Come explore with us. Attend one of our special events or book one of our upcoming adventure trips and know one thing for sure; you will not return home the same as you left. Travel changes you. New experiences open your eyes. Looking outside your own life invites understanding. Receive that invitation to know more, understand more, and participate in this world in new ways.

Join our journey and meet our team…



LENA LETTO-MICHALSKY (a.k.a. LENA MICHALS), Co-Founder, Executive Director and (proudly) Isabella’s mom

Born and raised in France by a German mother and a Russian father, fluent in five languages, with degrees in mathematics, physics, audio engineering and marketing, learning about various cultures of the world has always been a priority in Lena’s life. She started traveling at a young age; first with her family, then with friends, and as a lone backpacker throughout Europe. At 19, she moved to Los Angeles, California, barely spoke any English, but she knew one thing for sure: “Never give up on your dreams!”

Starting in the entertainment industry as an audio engineer, she quickly realized she preferred working on the road, and changed her career direction. For the next 20 years, as a tour manager and a live events producer, she lived and worked in various countries around the world, enjoying the privilege of working with amazing talent, such as the Gipsy Kings, Paul McCartney, Jeffrey Osborne, Kenny Loggins, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Brian Wilson, Johnny Cash, Maroon 5, Liza Minnelli, Boyz II Men, Paula Abdul, to name a few.

For the last 10 years, as Head of Procurement and Production for The Reconnection, a worldwide leader in the field of consciousness development and alternative/energy healthcare, Lena organized events around the world featuring inspiring speakers, such as Gary Zukav, Lynne McTaggart, Rupert Sheldrake, Lee Carroll, Gregg Braden, J. J. Hurtak, Masaru Emoto, Joe Dispenza, and Eric Pearl.

Recently, Lena made another life changing decision to travel the world and use it as the full-time school for her 6-year old daughter, Isabella. Out of this personal journey, the company CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS was formed to continue what she has done most of her life: inspiring others to learn about the different cultures of the world and the people within these cultures. She believes that understanding others is the first step to make the world a better place, and that new experiences in new cultures enrich this understanding. The goal of providing tools to help us raise more compassionate children arises from the idea of keeping the child within ourselves thriving and inspired.

ISABELLA, Co-Founder, Children’s Activities Coordinator, Lena’s Daughter, and self-named a “Planet Earth Cleaner”
Isabella, now six years old, is quite an accomplished little girl as a stellar student at school, and involved in a variety of activities including art, piano, ballet, swimming, gymnastics and running races. At a young age, she began showing an early awareness of her connection to the world she lives in. She became involved in many ways that children can participate in. For example, early on, she and her mom were very busy picking up trash in the park on the weekends. After Halloween, Isabella took all of the candies she collected and made little packages with dollar bills inside to distribute to the homeless in the streets of Hollywood.

As a two year old young girl, she started running races, first participating in 1K races, then 5Ks, and recently completed her first 10K. She now runs in about 4 to 5 races per year, and has raised thousands of dollars for various causes she truly cares about. Some of the organizations she raised money for include St Jude’s Hospital, Victory for Victims, Run for Animals and Dodgers’ Foundation. Her self-titled umbrella for caring covers “sick children and pets with no homes.”

Because she always asks her mom to get her involved in activities that make the world a better place, she recently started participating in monthly beach cleanup efforts. She loves to call herself a “Planet Earth Cleaner”.

Her stories have already inspired so many parents and adults of all ages to get more involved in their communities and in service projects. With her mom, and through CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS, Isabella is looking forward to creating some wonderful programs for people to have opportunities to explore and contribute compassionately to their surroundings.



AGNES BARGE, Adventure Trip Coordinator
Born and raised in France, Agnes, started traveling the world at a very young age, and is fluent in several languages. After great success in the television industry as a line producer, she decided to follow her heart and recently began to pursue a new career as a voice-over talent. She is now one of the leading voice-over talents in France where you will hear her on the radio and television on commercials for BMW, Renault, Vichy, Hyundai, Garnier, H&M, and others.

Traveling many times with Lena Michals through Asia, Europe and Central America, Agnes is joining the team of CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS as an Adventure Trip Coordinator for upcoming trips around the world. You will enjoy her amazing spirit for adventure and listening to her voice her own stories to you!



NADINE LEGO, Adventure Trip Coordinator
Nadine is a mindfulness meditation practitioner, a Reiki master, and a trained mediator and facilitator.

With her current focus on the well-being of her fellow humans, she loves learning, understanding, and sharing. Born and raised in France, she has been an expat for most of her adult life. In 2013, she and her husband George took a year off from their professional commitments and followed their vagabond hearts, visiting South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They lived with locals and expats in multiple countries, worked on a tomato farm in Argentina, got involved in community projects in Malawi, set up a website for a Bedouin in Jordan, and managed a healthy-living start-up community in Malaysia.

She is very excited to join the CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS team on upcoming adventure trips around the world. Fellow travelers will enjoy her love of life and sense of humor, along with some exceptional tales of travels that she has collected over the years!


RIMONA SEAY, Adventure Trip Coordinator
Rimona is an artist and a healer. For eight years, Rimona taught French, English and Spanish, and thoroughly enjoys the interaction with children and teenagers eager to learn new things. An accomplished jewelry designer, Rimona also loves to paint, refurbish furniture, and working as a fitness instructor.

Born in Algeria, her family experienced the strife of war, fleeing the country during the French – Algeria war in the early 60’s. They moved to Israel, then settled in France when she was five. Growing up in Paris, she traveled as a young woman to the U.S., met her husband, and has lived all over the world: Israel, France, Switzerland, England, United States, Spain and Canada. Living in California for the last 23 years of her life, she is currently an adventure hike leader in Southern California, enjoying the outdoors and the world’s beauty.

As an Adventure Trip Coordinator for CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS, Rimona brings her unique life experience and background of travel to our company. She is looking forward to meeting some of you in the near future.


NENGAH WENTEN, Adventure Trip Coordinator (Indonesia)

Involved in travel and tourism in Indonesia since 1989, Nengah Wenten (affectionately called Wenten) leads tours throughout the islands as well as teaching Balinese and Sasak culture to school children.

Born into a traditional Balinese family in the mountain area of Lombok, the island next to Bali, he speaks fluent German, English, Indonesian, Malaysian, and the local languages of Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa. Having traveled internationally to Australia, Europe, and Asia, he possesses a good understanding of western and eastern philosophies and cultures.

As a friendly, charismatic and resourceful Adventure Trip Coordinator, you will be entertained and educated in a most enthusiastic manner with Wenten.



Growing up in small towns in Oregon, Denise began exploring the world during her college years, traveled through Europe, journeyed through Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to Iran, shopped the stalls in Istanbul, tanned for a month on the Greek isle of Ios, and saw the outback of Australia five times. She very quickly understood: “We grow up in different cultural environments and may believe in different ideals and lifestyles, but we are all one heart.”

Through her 25 years of Marketing and Design, she continues to operate in a global capacity with events, apparel and product development, and marketing programs tailored to each company’s goal. She brings her creativity, enthusiasm, and love of the human connection to Cultural Adventure Trips.



Terri’s background and expertise encompasses Web and Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding and Feng Shui. It is this unique blending of skills and experience in the design world with a Feng Shui influence that Terri brings to all her clients. Taking a team oriented approach, she helps tell your story, while creating consistent design and branding with professionalism and vision.

Graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, her impressive background includes working as a Creative Manager, Photo Art Director and as the Graphic Designer for a major retail store. She has enjoyed working freelance for the last ten years in web design, graphics and Feng Shui consulting.

On an international note, Terri is full-blooded Italian, speaks no Italian, and got married in Italy (yes, gondola ride included!) While Terri frantically tried to page through the translation book, her husband communicated with everyone in English. So, overboard with the translation book, and on with their lives together for the next 16 years! And now, as our web designer for CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS, we welcome her talents to our team.