The inspiration of this company begins with the story of a beautiful six-year-old named Isabella. As a young child, she showed an amazing awareness of the world around her, demonstrating a unique capacity to engage with people on a very compassionate level. At age two, she began raising money by running races even at this early age. Now at age six, she has accomplished more than most adults by raising and donating thousands of dollars to charitable organizations.

Traveling through Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico and beyond with her mother, engaging with people and participating in service projects, a distinct idea formed of how to facilitate openness and compassion on a global level. Seeing her daughter’s unique and special capacity to go outside herself at such a young age, Lena Michals co-founded CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS with Isabella to explore and inspire each person, at any age, to empower their unique contribution to this world.


The CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS company is developing an exciting variety of trips to different parts of the world. Each trip includes opportunities for you to be involved in community and service projects along with fun sightseeing and exploring the destination. Through videos and webcasts on our website, you will meet and connect with people all over the world. Listening to inspiring stories, you will gain new understandings of challenges around our globe, and explore ways for you to make important personal contributions in this amazing world we live in.

As we grow, you will find our website to be a resource for learning, and discover opportunities to connect to people everywhere. Travel with us by joining our CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS or enjoy our trips vicariously through our stories, photos, and testimonials! Travel, experience, learn and enjoy the beauty of our land.


Our team of trip coordinators and guides for the CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS comes from varied backgrounds, bringing international travel experience and knowledge of different areas of the world.

They are a group who love to travel and explore the globe. You will join them on unique trips where you will meet interesting local people, become involved in their daily routines and celebrations, learn about their lifestyle, while having unforgettable music, food and sightseeing. You will partake in meaningful service projects side by side with those that live in the communities. Our goal is to take you on journeys to open your eyes, explore, and experience the importance of each person’s participation in this world we live in. Be inspired. See the world through the eyes of a child. In your heart is where compassion lies, and through inspiration and giving back, you reap rewards only the heart can receive.


This summer, I took a trip to South of France in a small village called Balacruz. What I’ll always remember from experience is learning how to bake bread. During the bread-making workshop, we kneaded the sticky bread dough. I have never baked with a wood fire ever before! It was cool. Another amazing thing we got to do was playing with the French school kids from the village. They rode their bikes to visit us and they did trick on their bikes! Their teacher taught us games and dances. We also had fun waltzing to the accordion played by a French lad in the village. I like playing hide and go seek in the hamlet, where there are lots of great hiding places. It was fun visiting the stinky pigs and picking different fruits like sweet plums from the trees and eating them! I will never forget my time in the South of France it was so much fun! Thank you Lena and Isabella for organizing this trip.

Serena Cruz (11 years old) – Los Angeles, California (July 2017)

My daughter Martha and I had an amazing adventure in the Amazon rain forest with Culture Adventure Trips. Martha has been learning about the rain forest at school since she was 7 – complete with the obligatory shoe box model and a visit to the local exhibit – but none of that compared with the thrill of the real thing: a breathtaking descent from the mountains, a mind-blowing journey down a tributary of the Amazon, meeting a real Indian tribe, going past a former cannibal village, bathing in sulphur springs, learning about medicinal herbs…and of course the wonders of the primeval forest untouched by human intervention, where every living thing invents amazing survival strategies. Hearing the thunderous roar of the Howler monkeys and being woken up by the sounds of magical rain forest birds are memories that will last forever. So…leave your shoe box rain forest models at school, and go see it for real! And if that wasn’t enough, Lena and Isabella took us on yet another journey of discovery: down the Inca trail and then into the depths of real Peruvian farm life. Our friendly guides who were descended from the Inca themselves made history come alive with riveting stories and personal insights. Sharing this journey with my 11-year-old as she begins her path in life felt truly unique.

Irina Morgan – Reading, England (May 2017)

When I read books about the rain forest I never thought I’d actually find myself inside one, but there I was! It made many things I took for granted, especially the tribal children who live there. They really appreciate everything they have, even though it’s a lot less then what we have. The trips down the Inca trail and to a Peruvian farm were very different from what I’m used to. I loved learning Quechua and hearing stories abut Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Inca festival of the Sun. Dancing in folk costumes to live Andean music right in the middle of the mountains made me feel as I were inside a fairy tale – or a film set. Thank you Lena and Isabella for organizing such as amazing trip.

Martha Morgan (11 years old) – Reading, England (May 2017)

This trip was absolutely amazing. Lena and Isabella met us at the airport in Paris and from that moment on, we had nothing to worry about. All was so well organized. My children loved the Treasure Hunt they organized at the Louvre and my husband and I really enjoyed the cooking class. This trip fulfilled the wishes of each member of our family. It was the best way to see a city where we had never been before.

Hannelore Hauser – Hamburg, Germany (September 2016)

This was our family’s first trip organized by CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS and it exceeded our expectations in pretty much every way. The kids made friends instantly with Isabella and Lena always made sure that all were entertained at all times. It was a great mix of time with our kids plus time for both parents and kids to be with peers. We can’t wait to join the mother/daughter team again somewhere in the world on one of their future adventure trips! Exploring and learning about a new culture with them is one of the best experiences we’ve had so far.

Jeanette Lamont – Geneva, Switzerland (August 2016)

We have not yet traveled with CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS but Lena and Isabella have organized quite a bit of activities for us locally: they’ve taken us to museums, aquariums, parks and had us involved with clean-up beach day. Every time, my daughters get to learn something new and get so inspired. My husband and I get motivated to take our girls out even more to new locations and learn more about the world around us. These experiences have really changed us. This mother/daughter team truly helped us get out of our comfort zone and explore more. We can’t wait to spend more time with them in the near future on one of their adventure trips!

Izabela Gibson – Los Angeles, USA (December 2016)

Thanks to Lena and Isabella, I spent an incredible week filled with new sensations and experiences. The location they chose is perfect for enjoying and building a closer relationship with nature. The food was delicious even for those who are not normally vegetarian. The yoga classes were incredible, the hiking excursions were magnificent and filled with unexpected beauty. The whole experience was a sensory delight! I can’t wait to get back there or any other locations proposed by CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS.

Yvonne Raymond – New York, USA (August 2015)

For our family, CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS represents a wonderful safety net, letting us try new things and go to new places with absolute confidence. We watched our kids make chocolates at a small village chocolatier, sampled an amazing vintage wine from a local vintner, stayed at wonderful inns, and rode past scenes of incredible beauty. It was a wonderful experience.

Marcel Dabbs – Le Mont-Dore, New Caledonia (September 2015)

It was a wonderful trip for the whole family and, although it was a group trip, Lena and Isabella were able to meet and cater to each of our individual needs. My husband got to bike all day, the kids got to hike as much as they wanted, made new friends and tried many fun activities. We all learned so much about the French culture and can’t wait to discover a new one with CULTURAL ADVENTURE TRIPS.

Sonia Lescure – New York, USA (August 2015)